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Designing a stunning brand that resonates with your unique vision

Crafting magnetic messaging for your online content

And building a website that converts your dream clients



How many times have you looked at your website or Instagram feed and thought–it just doesn’t feel like ME?

I have news for you…

Take it from a marketer who’s been there, sold that:

If YOU are not over-the-moon thrilled and head-over-heels in love with the look and feel of your online platform…

Then your Ideal Client isn’t, either. 

❌ And that’s a red-alert level Problem (with a capital P!) if you want to sell your offers and scale your business. βŒ

Nobody (not even your most aligned, soulmate clients!) will click “Apply” or “Book Now” or shoot you that “...any availability” DM unless they are 500% swept off their digital feet by how you present yourself online. 

The last thing we want is a *meh* brand and website getting between you and the clients who need you most. 
Let’s start by getting clear on what WON’T fix your brand, your website, or your messaging…

❎ Jumping back into Canva to throw “just a few” tweaks together for another brand refresh…

...that still doesn’t feel like you.

➑️ While I’m all for getting scrappy in the DIY lane, a love-this-paste-that-haphazard approach to design and messaging will only get your business so far.

The thing about next-level clients is that they’re looking for (and expecting) next level. Next-level branding, website, messaging–the works!

❎ Outsourcing your brand uplevel and marketing copy in traditional containers that leave no room for YOU in the creative equation. 

➑️ News Flash: No designer, marketer, or copywriter knows YOU and YOUR BRAND better than you (no matter how skilled!)

It’s no wonder you’ve been less than thrilled with outsourced branding before. You are the one (and only) expert on your brand.

It’s a tale as old as the internet.

You have a vision for where you’re headed, a heart for your people, and the expertise to back you up. The results and transformations you facilitate are nothing short of life-changing.


You’ve had your fair share of involuntary cringe when a potential client, summit host, or collaborator asks for your website link.   

βœ“ You’ve yoyo-ed back and forth to the digital drawing board over and over again (you and Canva are thick as thieves at this point).

βœ“ You've jumped through hoop after hoop of design package revisions that you're banking on to be *The* Solution to finally accomplish everything you intend to with your brand.

Phew. Who knew branding your business could be just as hard (if not harder) than actually running your business?

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be for you.

There's a simpler, more streamlined method to unleash the full potential of your brand in a way that immediately resonates with your audience. 

A way that causes your people to relate to the value behind your approach on a heart-and-soul level... while simultaneously blowing their socks off and causing their jaws to hit the floor upon viewing your socials and website (because they look just. that. GOOD.) πŸ”₯

It’s called becoming an Aligned Authority.

Become an Aligned Authority

An Aligned Authority is driven by her vision of how her brand will change lives – both her own life and her clients' lives. She unapologetically owns her crown as THE trusted expert in her industry. Her unique passion infuses every element of her online presence, magnetizing her perfect-fit people.

It’s when you embody your highest brand potential as an Aligned Authority that you can step out of hustle and into abundance
“You’re saying you can help me do all that?”


Do you want the how?


The proven method I like to call → Aligned Authority Marketing

Through Aligned Authority Marketing, we’ll transform your brand into a money-making conversion tool. This is
THE method to guide personal brands like yours out of a place of scarcity and hustle, and into true abundance through the elevation of their online presence.

The 3-month roadmap we journey through together in Aligned Authority Marketing is the same method I and my 1:1 clients have used again and again and again πŸŽ‰

Love for Aligned Authority Marketing in action πŸ˜


Your High-Level View Of The Aligned Authority Marketing Method

EASY AS 1, 2, 3…


First, we’re going to design (or redesign) your brand logos, colors, and fonts and then use these core branding essentials to build a custom social template library so you’ll look like a million bucks everywhere you're showing up online.


Next, we’re going to refine your messaging so that your people binge your social content and drool over every word on your website using my premier Magnetic Messaging frameworks.


We’ll make building your website easy with handy Canva wireframes so you can plug and play the branding and messaging you already created in months one and two (hellooooo, time-saving shortcuts!)

What if you could say goodbye to unnecessary time sucks and hello to:

+ Expanding and elevating every facet of your platform for your online business.

+ A stunning and client-magnetizing brand and website.

+ Exploring the process with a designer + an entire copywriting and marketing team.

+ Stepping into YOUR Aligned Authority, so you’re excited and confident to sell your offers effortlessly.


Bonus points for getting to kick frustration and guesswork to the curb and learning how to present yourself flawlessly with a stunning website and brand that speaks clearly to your people!

All while having access to expert support to guide you through the process and make your brand truly shine.
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It’s all yours to claim.

A brand that is aligned, cohesive, absolutely gorgeous, and infused with your unique magic…

All without having to sell your soul or break the bank.


 In this visually transformative & ultra-supportive 12-week program we’re going to design your brand, create your magnetic messaging, and build + launch your high-converting website

With hands-on mentorship, a training library + templates, and deep dive feedback, we’ll turn your piecemealed online platform into a stunning and client-attracting brand + website that makes you excited and confident to sell.


Meet the Phases Of AAM:

MONTH ONE: Design Your Brand Style System 

The very first thing we’re going to do is design (or redesign) your brand logos, colors, and fonts and then use these core branding essentials to build a custom social template library so you’ll look like a million bucks everywhere you're showing up online.

Strategic Brand Foundations

Aligned Authority Marketing, Your Secret Selling Superpower: 
How to use your Brand, Messaging, and Design to become an Aligned Authority

βœ“ ARC Framework: Create A Holistic Brand To Attract Your Ideal Person: A Savvy CEO's Decision Making Framework 

βœ“ Creating Selling Synergy Through Brand Energetics: Laying the Foundation Of A Strategic Brand Using Intuition & Visual Inspiration

βœ“ Brand Energetics Exploration: Reflection & Direction: Unveiling Brand Style & Direction From Your Pinspiration Exercise

Designing Your Brand Style System

Your Brand Style System + Brand Style System Templates: 
Meet your Brand Style System Resources & Templates

βœ“ Colors: Creating a color palette that LOOKS and FEELS like you

βœ“ Fonts: Choosing the ideal fonts that LOOK and FEEL like you

βœ“ Style Signatures: Fun and stylish branding touches with Style Signatures

βœ“ Logos: Designing a professional logo you LOVE and resonate with

βœ“ Image Styles: Selecting the perfect images - whether Brand Photography or Stock Photography

βœ“ Brand Mood Board: Putting It All Together: Designing your Brand Mood Board: A Visual Taste of Your Brand Style

Building Your Social Asset Template Library

Your Social Assets + One-Click Canva Customization: 
Meet Your Social Asset Canva Templates

βœ“ Building A Social Asset Template Library: Looking like a MILLION bucks everywhere you're showing up online

With immediate access to swipeable templates, One-Click Canva Customization magic, and expert design support in your pocket – professional design never felt this easy. 

(And let’s be honest: It’s never looked so GOOD and so YOU, either πŸ˜‰)

No more delaying your business growth when you could be confidently showing off your gorgeous brand that proves to your audience you are worthy of their attention, adoration, and,
of course, their investment.

Month Two: Magnetic Messaging

We’ll refine your messaging so that your people binge your social content and drool over every word on your website using my signature Magnetic Messaging frameworks.

Taking a cue from Cosmo Magazine (I told you this would be fun! πŸ˜‰) you’ll enjoy an easy pathway quiz that defines your website pages for your Home, About, Work With Me and more so you know exactly what copy to create using the plug-and-play templates.

Magnetic Messaging Foundations

The Heart Of Your Magnetism, Magnetic Messaging: How to use your Brand, Messaging, and Design to become an Aligned Authority

βœ“ Crafting Your Short & Long Form Core Magnetic Message: The heart of your marketing message starts here

Writing Your Wow-Worthy Website

 Meet Your Sitemaps: Choosing a website layout to work for you and your business goals

βœ“ Done For You Sitemaps: Accessing the right templates for YOUR website

Your Plug & Play Magnetic Messaging Frameworks

15+ Magnetic Messaging Frameworks showing you exactly what to write on every page of your website

And finally…

A streamlined, proven process to make crafting client-attracting messaging fast and easy.
Month Three: Build & Launch Your Website

In month three, we’ll make building your website easy with handy Canva wireframes so you can plug-and-play the branding and messaging you already created in months one and two (hellooooo, time-saving shortcuts!)

On your platform of choice, you’ll build out your designer-approved website using your step-by-step video tutorials and premade page templates. Think Build-A-Bear: Website Edition!

Stunning & Strategic Site Design

The Heart Of Your Funnel: Introduction & tour of Building & Launching Your Website

βœ“ Your Website Wireframes: Utilizing your plug-and-play Canva wireframes for stunning website design done fast

βœ“ Customizing Your Website Wireframe: Copy, Colors, Fonts, & Images!

Buildout & Launch

 Choosing Your Website Platform

βœ“ Done-For-You WordPress Templates: Step-by-step domain, hosting, & WordPress setup walkthroughs

βœ“ Done-For-You Kajabi Templates: Step-by-step Kajabi platform & theme setup

βœ“ Customizing your Page Designs

βœ“ Celebrating your launch!

You hear that?

That’s the sound of your soul-satisfying exhale as you take a long-awaited sigh of relief.


You’re launching a gorgeous site like the expert CEO you are!

Bonus Alert!

⭐Your SOS Setup Support ⭐

As you’re getting ready to launch, you’ll have me in your back pocket for hassle-free tech support with your SOS Setup Support.

This 1:1 call with me can be booked by you (or anyone on your team) so we can screen share and troubleshoot any technical gremlins that get in the way of your design implementation. You can skip the frantic despair of searching youtube for solutions and instead launch your gorgeous new website with pride.

I am ready to elevate my brand and website in a way that feels like ME!
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I’ve distilled the necessities of personal brand marketing into a proven roadmap to transform your passion and expertise into a client-magnetizing online platform. 

As a once-upon-a-time middle school teacher turned website designer and Certified Master Marketer, I can personally attest to the power of Aligned Authority Marketing through its magic-like ability to draw clients from the ethos. 

But I promise you: It’s not magic.

It’s marketing done right.

From building brands and websites for 7-figure coaches, TedX speakers, best-selling authors, and course creators serving students across the globe...

I’ve learned that all personal brands need 3 specific things if they want to scale and serve more clients:

A Brand Style System to elevate the perceived value of your offers

Magnetic Messaging that makes your ideal clients binge your content and drool over every word

A stunning & strategically designed website that nurtures client conversions

Once I achieved those three things for my own brand, and then helped my clients achieve them, business started falling into place like dominos seamlessly cascading one after another. Talk about an ecstatic frenzy of sales convos, organic inquiries, and booking HECK-YAAAS clients on repeat.

How would you show up if you were backed by a stunning brand, messaging, and website that proved to your audience you are THE solution they've been searching for?

Soooo much goodness, Sierra! Walk me through it one more time?

I’d love to! Here’s how it’s all going down:



Design Your Strategic Brand

βœ“ Designing Your Brand Style System

βœ“ Building Your Social Asset Template Library


Craft Your Magnetic Messaging

βœ“ Magnetic Messaging Foundations

βœ“ Writing Your Wow-Worthy Website


Build & Launch Your Website

βœ“ Stuning & Strategic Site Design

βœ“ Website Build & Launch

Your Investment:

Best Value!

Pay in full & save:

One Time Payment of $4444


Get in now for $1500.

3 Monthly Payments of $1500


Get in now for $1200.

4 Monthly Payments of $1200
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Your Exclusive Bonus Masterclass:
Uplevel & Monetize Your List Building Strategy

Get a BONUS LIVE 90-minute masterclass with me to create a list building, client-attracting lead magnet the easy way.

πŸ›‘ If you’re ready to stop:

βœ… Pouring your heart and soul into jam-packed freebies that subscribers seem to LOVE... but never actually convert clients...

βœ… Or spending HOURS designing a gorgeous, value-packed lead magnet... only to have no one sign up...

Join me in AAM + this limited-time bonus masterclass to create a list building, client-attracting lead magnet the easy way.
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Now, you might be thinking…

How is all of this even possible? 

Having a client-attracting presence, magnetizing messaging, and a streamlined process would normally cost you tens of thousands.

The truth is that you can transform the scattered pieces of your current efforts into a cohesive and powerful client-attracting tool, for a fraction of what you think.

In fact, you’ll probably need to raise your rates, because this elevated and intuitive new online presence will have you looking and feeling like a million bucks.  

You’ll be so excited to show off how freaking amazing your brand looks. And you'll finally be proud to post on social media now because your brand looks THAT good wherever you show up online.

 Get ready to feel genuinely excited and confident to sell. 

🀩 That AAM Confidence in action:

yes please! I need this!


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