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Vulnerability in Marketing: Unlocking Your Magnetism

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Vulnerability is one of the most important aspects of personal branding because it allows us to connect with our audience in a meaningful way. 

It takes courage to be vulnerable and to share our stories, but it can make a huge difference in how we are perceived and how we can build relationships. By being vulnerable, we are able to create an atmosphere of trust and connection with our audience, which can be incredibly beneficial for our personal brands.

When I say vulnerability, I'm talking about sharing your story authentically. 

This is one of my favorite pieces of the five secrets of personal brand magnetism (If you haven't already, join the free My Marketable Magnetism Challenge to learn all 5 Secrets Of Personal Brand Magnetism >> here) because it's going to allow you to share more easily, and more effectively across your web and social assets.

“What do you mean by sharing my vulnerability, Sierra? Should I talk about my addiction to Instagram shopping and tacky kitten sweaters?”

No. Well, maybe. Let's break it down. 📕

This is going to give you a clear picture of what you should (and what you should not) be sharing to make your content irresistibly magnetic for your dream clients.

There is power in your story because nothing will resonate more with your ideal people. Your perfect, best fit, dreamy, ideal clients will identify with your brand, and then ultimately convert. *happy dance*

When it comes to attracting your clients and converting your Ideal People, you need a strong magnet. 🧲 

If you feel like your social content, web assets, your drip campaigns, etc. continuously fall flat because people aren’t inquiring about your offers and services, you need a stronger magnet. This is where vulnerability comes in.

Isn't it such a relief when you finally put a piece of content out there on your website or social media and it resonates?

People respond. People are liking it, they're commenting, they're DMing you. They're saying… “Tell me more!

By sharing your personal vulnerabilities, you can make this magic happen consistently. Vulnerability is that big strong industrial magnet that is gonna get your people stuck to you in the best possible way. 

Filling and Draining Vulnerability

Let's dive into the two types of vulnerability so that you know which one you should be utilizing across your marketing assets. 

Filling vulnerability is the type of vulnerability we want to share because it is magnetic. These types of stories give people hope, empathy, wisdom, and guidance. And yes, they can (and should) be entertaining in some way.

Draining vulnerability does the opposite. It repels. It's like when you have two of those magnets we used to use in science class - when you turn them toward each other you can physically feel them pushing each other away. That's what draining vulnerability does, it pushes your ideal people away. And we certainly don’t want that. 

When creating content, we need to think about our ideal people and the effect our vulnerability will have on them. Use your intuition to choose which type of stories fall into the filling category, and which type fall into the draining category. 

For example, write out a vulnerable story or situation about your journey as a small business owner. Now read it back as one of your audience members. 👀

Did it entertain you? Make you laugh? Did it make you feel empathy and also resonate with you? Then that is most likely a filling vulnerability. 

If it was a draining vulnerability story, it might be the type of story that left you feeling shame, sadness, confusion, frustration, and other negative emotions that we don't want our ideal people to be associating with our brand.

Always share filling vulnerabilitystories. 

Your vulnerability makes you magnetic because it elevates you to a level where your competitors do not even exist.


There may be many other people in your niche. 

There may be many other people in your industry. 

There may be many other coaches offering the same types of programs that you do. 

There may be many other service providers offering the same types of packages that you do.

But no one can share your filling vulnerability stories because no one has lived your stories except you!

When you share your authentic vulnerable self, there really is no competition. 

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I can’t wait to see you unleash your Personal Brand Magnetism. ❤️




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