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3 steps to naming your offer for selling success

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My husband and I could not come to an agreement 😫

Now I love my Samuel (crazy about him, matter of fact!) but he shares one trait with me that can make our relationship, er, **exciting** at times. 

Samuel and I are both Stubborn with a captial "S". Maybe it's the red hair. Maybe the stubborn-persistence is part of why we fell for each other in the first place. Either way, it brings us to a head occasionally, and we've learned to argue lovingly (lots of practice 😉)

The long car drive to go pick out our new puppy was one such time. 

Samuel and I could not, for the life of us, agree on a name! The breeder was holding two girl pups for us to choose from, and we went round and round on the car drive there, throwing cute girl puppy names back and forth. 

I wanted something easy to pronounce, but not too common. Samuel wanted something cool, yet simultaneously adorable -- we were getting a corgi, afterall.



I shouldn't have been surprised by the difficulty: naming is hard. Whether you're naming your first pet, your first child, or your new offer, choosing the right name can be a stressful (and exhausting) process.

And when we're talking the name of your offer, then that name better be one that encourages your Ideal Client to click "buy now." The right offer name on your sales page can keep the right clients reading, enticed and ready to learn more -- right where we want your Ideal Client.

While I still haven't figured out a great hack for naming fur babies (check my Instagram highlights for the cute name we finally did manage to decide on!) I do have a favorite strategy for naming your next offer that won't make you want to pull out your hair:

Ready for your offer naming strategy to kickstart your sales page copy? 

Grab a piece of scratch paper, and follow these steps:


STEP#1: Write down in the simplest and least words possible what it is that your offer helps your Ideal Client achieve. 

The key here is super simple. What is the goal that your Ideal Client will walk away having completed at the end of your program (or at the end of consuming your content, like reading the ebook)?

Some examples of goal outcomes so you can get a sense of what I mean:


Lost 10 pounds

Clear healthy skin

More time

Better sleep

Organized home office

Emails written for next launch

Confidence in self worth

If you are really struggling to get your outcome down to a short phrase, make a list of multiple short phrases rather than one longer sentence. 


STEP #2: Write down how long it will take your Ideal Client to reach this goal. 

Tell me a timeframe that is doable if she follows all the advice and instructions and utilizes all the resources your provide.

Are we talking a short time, like 3 days? 5 days?

One month? Two weeks? One year? 6 weeks?


STEP #3: Mash your answer for step #1 and step #2 together! 

Adding a time frame onto the outcome you help your Ideal Client achieve makes your offer that much more enticing because it makes the outcome seem that much more realistic. If she can visualize herself reaching that goal, she's much more likely to trust that you (and your offer) can get her there. 

Some made up examples of Step #1 and Step #2 mash ups:

Launch in a Week

Website in a Weekend

Six Months to Confident You

Three Weeks to Better Sleep

Your One Month Roadmap to Clear, Glowing Skin

Clear Skin Now: the once a day routine to banish the bumps for good!


***Note: Sometimes, the outcome itself is catchy enough that you can omit the time frame. For example:

Your First 1K

Write Your Website Workshop

Five Figure Launch Academy



Is this the only way to name your offer? By no means! But this is a fabulous way to get your ideas un-stuck after you've been staring at that blank sales page for waaaaayyy too long. 

Because once you do finally have a name for your offer that you love, mapping the rest of your sales page design becomes that much easier.

Now get out there and start naming 😉





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