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Kajabi Website Launch: Life Coach Minessa Konecky of HustleProof Your Life

kajabi website design business coach Minessa Konecky
Some websites just scream FUN, and the new Kajabi website of Joyful Life & Business Coach Minessa Konecky is no exception. 
Minessa of HustleProof Your Life ( came to me with a comprehensive brand and style already developed. Minessa is a designer and artist herself and was searching for someone to take her vision for her business visuals onto the Kajabi platform so she could better serve the students of her thriving courses
Working with Minessa was incredibly inspiring! As a recovering solopreneur addicted to the *hustle* so prevalent in our online business space (🤚🙄) I believe Minessa's mission is so important to share!


Our Kajabi design to-do list?

  • A complete transfer of all Minessa's previously existing course, membership, and video training content AND her email marketing automations over to the Kajabi platform to streamline her business operations. 

  • An attractive way to showcase her Stop Shoulding All Over Yourself Podcast... that is way more fun than the default (bland) Kajabi podcast pages.  

  • Effective organization of all her online courses and programs so prospective clients and students could "self vet" and determine which program is the right next step for them!

"If you are a coach, that's all I can tell you: Hire, hire, hire Sierra."

"It's going to make your life so much better. Sierra, I can't even thank you enough for everything that you did to help me. I honestly, truly feel that a lot of the significant portion of the confidence that I feel simply just living my life running my business is a knowledge that I know that on the back-end things will work and that if I ran into any really big problems that you are there to help. So I can't thank you enough."
- Minessa Konecky
Joy Life & Business Coach

"You're not just creating a website so that you can have something out there that looks pretty. You're creating a website on Kajabi so that you can bring in new clients, educate them about your offers, and create a streamlined and straightforward process for them to walk through so that they don't get confused and bounce."
"Because people the second they get confused, they're going to leave. So, even if they think that you're the most amazing person in the world for them when they reach a section where they feel uncomfortable or they're confused and they don't know what to do next they will leave. They're not going to try to force their way through it.
"A website has to be designed in a very specific way. Otherwise, it's just a pretty page that does nothing for you that was really a waste of time and money to do. And I realized that I wanted my website to actually be an engine because I wanted to move myself off of Facebook. I wanted my website to contain the information that I needed and I wanted my courses to work.

"Sierra was amazing. She was like yes, no problem. I will find a way to integrate it and she came up with ideas that helped my design get better. So, I became a better designer. A better coach and a better business person because of my work with Sierra and because of the conversations that we had.
"Working with Sierra was not really just hiring somebody to together a page for me. It was really about a partner who helped me to take what I had already envisioned for myself and translated it into the engine that I really wanted my website to be."

"Sierra was flexible. She was accommodating. She was present and available in her organizational skills. I knew from the moment that she started that I had made the right choice and now looking back and all the money that I spent on my business I find this to be one most the best most impactful and best decisions that I made."

- Minessa Konecky, Joy Life Coach



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