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Kajabi Website Launch: Intuitive Life Coach Susan Duesbery

Kajabi Website Launch: Intuitive Life Coach Susan Duesbery
Susan Duesbery is an Integrative Life Coach and Intuitive Counselor with a passion for empowering women.

Susan's mission is to help unfulfilled women—even outwardly successful ones—to know they’re enough, speak their truth, and become the authentic women they were born to be.
We knew her website had to be inviting, yet powerful enough to make an impact on the women she wants to help so that she can do what she does best - transform lives!

Here is just some of what we tackled for her Kajabi launch

  • Susan’s new website includes a gorgeous color-palette that feels calming and motivating, reflecting her intuitive expertise and style.

  • Susan’s About Page: Susan’s story is rich and compelling, and it’s the reason she excels as an intuitive counselor. We wanted to capture the importance of her personal story on her about page, ultimately driving clients to trust her with their own core story.

  • Free resource: Susan’s free guide, Be Triggered No More, is a jam packed resource she is excited to share with the community.


"If you're considering working with Sierra, I wholeheartedly recommend it—500%! She's an absolute gem!"

"Having someone who possesses such a wide range of skills in design, branding, marketing, and copy editing was an absolute game-changer for me. With Sierra's expertise in all these areas, I felt like I was in exceptionally good hands.

Throughout the entire process of redoing my brand, creating a new website, and crafting sales pages for my new programs, Sierra consistently demonstrated kindness, flexibility, and utmost professionalism. Her unwavering support and high level of skill made the whole experience not just easier, but also enjoyable.

Time and again, Sierra promptly addressed all of my inquiries. She even went the extra mile, creating numerous videos to help me navigate the process independently going forward. I truly appreciate her kindness and commitment.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Sierra, for helping me create a brand I'm deeply proud of. I'm confident that everything you assisted me with will help me attract my ideal audience and make a significant impact. Thank you for your outstanding work and for being an amazing partner in this creative journey!"
Susan Duesbery
Founder, Intuitive Life Coach Susan Duesbery

What is your favorite part of your new design and setup?

"My favorite part of my new design and setup is how it makes me feel! Honestly, when I look at what you've helped me create I feel limitless - like, with assistance from beautifully skilled and creative people I can create the life that I dream of for myself. You so beautifully captured the essence of who I am and of my brand that I feel so much more confident in my ability to get my life's work out in the world." 

 How do you think this update will impact your business? 

"I think that this update will greatly elevate me and my brand and help get my message to the right people. I'm certain that it will help draw the perfect clients to me. Thus, allowing me to help as many women as I can learn to love themselves." 

Did we successfully accomplish your design goals? What was your favorite part about working together? 




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