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The Ultimate Guide To Writing Your Website With AI

The Ultimate Guide To Writing Your Website With AI

When ChatGTP first took the internet by storm, many of my clients approached with questions based on fear rather than excitement.

 😨 Would AI put online entrepreneurs out of business?

 😨 Would copywriters and designers become a thing of the past?

Time and a flurry of experimentation have proven that no and nope to the above, making way for more interesting and potentially profitable questions:

🤔 Can AI save online CEOs time?

You don't need me to tell you that that answer is of course a resounding YES. Naturally, your web design BFF (👋) turned to the question of how this tool could be used to help my clients with one of the most time-consuming (and often headache-inducing) parts of marketing:

- Or, writing the words for your website pages.

Unless you're one of the few trained or naturally gifted wordsmiths, words are hard. Words are also critical for all aspects of your online business (website pages and beyond).

In this blog post, I'm taking you behind the scenes of my own experiment on how ChatGTP can serve as a tool to help you write the pages of your website better and faster.

(Without the headache!)


❗AI Disclaimer: It all boils down to one essential:

➡️ ChatGTP is a tool, not a copywriter. However strategic your prompts, ChatGTP will not spit out for you a done-and-dusted complete website page. Your readers (and search engines like Google) will sniff out a pure ChatGTP result a mile away, which will only hurt your authentic marketing and SEO efforts.

Use ChatGTP instead as a handy starting place. A baseline to which you can add your own flair, personality, and purpose. Your clients want to work with YOU, after all, not a robot!


My experimentation began with a prompt designed around two specifics: 

  • A made-up coach with a specific focus niche and ideal client: A female empowerment and leadership coach who helps high-achieving women express themselves confidently and create the lives of their dreams.  
  • A specific website page - the Homepage.



First impressions: I love how ChatGTP broke the initial copy up into distinct sections of the page.

  • Notice the opening Hero Heading "Unlock Your Full Potential..." 
  • Followed by the Mini About section starting "At EmpowerHerLife..."

Placeholder names (like the EmpowerHerLife) and key offers (Tailored Coaching...) could easily be swapped with your brand specifics.

The huge error that jumped out?
 The lack of a Primary CTA until the very final paragraph of the copy. 😬

Those of you who follow me and receive my email newsletters know just what a big whoopsie this is (catch this reel if you missed why).

This time, I hit with a direct CTA: 




Note: I could have entered the CTA of booking a call or applying to book a call, but I wanted to see how well ChatGTP adapted to the new directive. 

While the copy did adapt, it did not adequately include the Primary CTA in each "section" of the Homepage, again waiting until the final paragraph of the copy to invite viewers to apply.

💡 And then it hit me 💡


I was approaching ChatGTP all wrong . . .


I'd been asking for an entire website page (the Homepage), which left far too much up to ChatGTP to fill in.

Too much freedom + not enough specifics = unclear copy with no real marketing power. 

By asking for a specific section of the Homepage, I'd hit (if not the "jackpot") a much more workable base I could pull from to suit my needs.

: ChatGTP tends to spit out way MORE copy than you need. It gave me several paragraphs for the opening section when you only need three sentences (max!) above the fold of your website homepage. 

The remaining problem?

The copy still sounded just like a robot. 🤣



Alright, alright, no longer so C3PO in terms of tone. A keyword caught my eye in the third paragraph, and I tried a new approach:



While there's a lot of unnecessary "fluff" that should be cut from these final two excerpts, I'm pleasantly surprised by ChatGTP's ability to tweak and alter the tone to suit a more authentic personality.


⭐ Your ChatGTP Steps To Boost Your Website Copy ⭐


#1 Include the specifics. Approach your ChatGTP prompts with the must-have core specifics:

  1. Your industry, niche, and ideal client served
  2. The Call To Action (CTA)
  3. The page and specific section of your website (Homepage, About, Sales Page, opening, closing, final call to action, etc.)


#2 Pick and choose the nuggets that sound like YOU. ChatGTP will generate more copywriting than you need. This is a good problem, as long as you remember to pick and choose which specific sentences or phrases feel like something you would actually say.


You can trash the extras - I promise, you won't hurt any robot feelings 😉


#3 Rewrite your chosen nuggets in different tones. Experiment with different tone commands (kickass, casual, approachable, feminine, authoritative, ...) until you land on something that sounds like you. 


While AI can certainly be a useful tool, sometimes nothing beats having a real expert to tackle your marketing and website woes. Maybe it’s time to consider hiring some well-deserved help - Send me a message and let’s chat!



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