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4 Must Have Features of a Standout, High Converting Sales Page

sales page strategy how to write a high converting coaching sales page

Selling is serving... and today I’m making sure you’re set to do just that!

If you’ve been hanging out on Instagram, you know that I’m passionate about helping coaches and consultants expand their offer suite and diversify their income by selling additional products on their website (in addition to your one-on-one and group coaching services).

To do this with success (aka: getting people to press purchase!) you need one fundamental thing besides a standout offer:

A high converting, scroll stopping sales page that attracts your ideal clients and turns casual browsers into eager buyers.


but what exactly do you include on this page?

In this post, I’m sharing the top 4 must-have features of a successful sales page so you can stop wondering “What the heck am I supposed to include on my sales page?” and start earning an income from your digital offers and services.

1. Sales Page must-have #1: Copy that speaks to the pain and pleasure points of your ideal client or potential buyer

The copy, or the words, on your sales page should first hook your ideal client with an opening headline and description they can immediately relate to.

Maybe you describe your ideal client’s particular problem in a way that resonates with her (ie: using words she would use herself). Or perhaps you describe her dream, the goal she most wants (again in words she would voice herself).

Then, continuing through the sales page, make sure to focus on the tangible results your product will provide your ideal client (not just the product’s contents). Focusing on what your client will get out of the product will make your ideal client more ready and eager to buy, because you’ve helped them visualize how much better their situation would be if they had the product.

2. Sales Page must-have #2: Mock up graphics to help your ideal client visualize your digital product as a tangible benefit

One unique challenge to selling digital products is showcasing these virtual goodies in a way that seems real and tangible to your ideal client.

It’s not like you can take a beautiful picture of a model wearing your digital download, or stage a photo shoot with your online course posing beside some Insta-worthy props.

What you can do is create mock up graphics that show your product’s components (whether that be documents, videos, templates, etc.) on different devices. Doing so helps your client visualize and further appreciate the value of your digital products.

For example of what I mean, see my Digital Product Mock Up Templates by clicking on the image below. These Canva templates are a free download which you can snag for your own sales page by clicking here.

3. Sales Page must-have #3: Social proof to show your ideal client the value of your product

“Social proof” is any way you can show how others have validated your product. The most common form of social proof that we think of are written reviews and testimonials.

While written testimonials are fantastic, there are also other forms of social proof you can consider including on your sales page as well, including:

  • Video testimonials or reviews
  • Storytelling – describing how your product, or a service related to your product, helped a particular client overcome a problem or reach a goal
  • Screenshots of Facebook or Instagram comments raving about how great your product is

Even if your product is brand new, still consider including social proof on your sales page by either:

  1. Including testimonials from a related service you provide. For example, on a sales page for a healthy meal planning eBook, a fitness coach could include a testimonial from a one-on-one client she coached through healthy meal planning strategies.
  2. Providing a copy of your digital product to a client you know would benefit from it in exchange for a testimonial.

4. Sales Page must-have #4: Reassurance, to alleviate the stress of purchasing for your ideal client

Making decisions is hard – even when the decision doesn’t have money involved! No matter what the price point of your digital product, you should intentionally reassure your client throughout your sales page.

Proper reassurance, or encouragement, is key to relieving your potential buyer’s stress so that she moves easily from “I’m interested in this…” to “I need this and it’s so worth the investment!”

A great part of this reassurance comes from the social proof we talked about in Step #4. But I believe a strategic sales page should include another form of reassurance on top of your included social proof.

The greatest possible reassurance, really:


I’m talking money back guarantees. Whether your style is more “100% no questions asked refund” or a “7-day money back guarantee,” I strongly recommend that you do have one.

Not only does a guarantee give your client the reassurance of the possibility of getting their money back, it shows that you are absolutely, 120% confident in your product’s ability to deliver the results you’re showcasing on your sales page.

(And if you’re not that confident in your product . . . then we’ve got another problem, and I highly recommend you jump back to the drawing board of Step #1 in selling on your WordPress website).

Does everyone include guarantees for digital products? Nope. And I do understand if you don’t want to offer refunds, but before you make that decision, I’d like you to consider one quesiton:

What message is having or not having a refund policy portraying to your potential buyer? Are you happy with that message?

All right! If you’ve made it this far, we’ve covered the 4 absolute must-have components of your sales page, but I’d be amiss in having you believe that they are the only things to include on your sales page. Other components of a stellar sales page include (but are not limited to):

  • Scroll-stopping headlines that speak directly to your ideal client
  • Story-telling and scene-setting that describes your ideal client’s innermost goals and dreams
  • Product features and descriptions
  • Total value displays broken down (so your buyer can see what a sweet deal they’re getting!)
  • “Anchor link” buttons that allow ready-to-purchase browsers to skip to the “buy now” button
  • Video mock ups as well as photo mock ups to showcase the product
  • FAQs about the product
  • “Is this product right for me?” section and description
  • A creator bio (like a mini “about you” section – Remember, people like to buy from people they feel they know, even online!)
  • A button to checkout (of course!)

While there’s a lot to consider including on your sales page, I like to think of the sales page design as the fun part of selling online. (See what I did there, saving the best step for last?)

Real talk: As an introvert, I get to breathe a big sigh of relief knowing that I have a stellar sales page selling my digital product. In many ways, the sales page is doing the selling for me.

If you’re interested in a done-for-you, plug-and-play sales page design including all of those features that’s ready to upload directly onto your WordPress website, check out my Sales Page Template for WordPress.

I wanted to take the stress of designing out of this final step, so that you can showcase your product to the world, today:

And no, the Sales Page Template is not one of those “let me teach you how to design it from scratch” courses designed as a template. This is quite literally something you can upload directly onto your sales page in WordPress, then customize using my included video tutorials.

The tutorial videos are packaged into my included bonus, the Setting Up Your Sales Page guide, which is designed to get you customizing and launching your sales page fast. Fast as in, if you already have the pictures and the copy you want to include on your sales page you can easily get the sales page launched in half a day.

Want more deets? Check out the exact step by step process on my Sales Page Template sales page (A sales page for a sales page! Excuse me while I geek out for a moment . . .) 

And don't forget to grab the free Sales Page Checklist for my top 7 must-haves for your high-ticket sales page: Grab the free checklist here.



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