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Kajabi Website Launch: Freelance writing coaching & course for nurses with RN2writer

Kajabi Website Launch: Freelance writing coaching & course for nurses with RN2writer
Let's hear it for the new Kajabi online home of RN2writer 🎉🥂

Today we're celebrating the launch of Elizabeth Hanes's redesigned Kajabi website for RN2writer: offering coaching and courses for nurses and healthcare practitioners who want to make 💰 by freelance writing.

I was honored to partner with Elizabeth and the RN2writer team to help showcase their impact and expertise.



Our Kajabi design to-do list?

  • Elegant and sophisticated branding to resonate with their students' craving for serenity and align with the brand's welcoming professionalism.

  • Redesigned products + Member's area to streamline their students' utilization of the robust Kajabi course and community resources.

  • Sales pages showcasing each core offer of RN2writer's proven pathway to success.

"If you're truly invested in your business success, then you should invest in Sierra Lin Design."

"Working with Sierra doesn't just provide a "pretty face" for your website (your most important marketing asset), but it elevates your brand's authority and reputation with your target audience. If you simply must think only in terms of dollars and cents, consider this: We recouped about half of our investment in the first month after launch, thanks to increased sales through our website. But, personally, I like to consider the overall business picture: This website is our flagship and will perform well for the next several years, bringing in new customers and solidifying our relationship with existing ones. The value of that can't be measured. It's simply a no-brainer to work with Sierra on your website."
- Beth Hanes
Founder & Coach, RN2writer


What is your favorite part of your new design and setup?

"I love that the new design doesn't sacrifice form for function. The design is absolutely gorgeous, but the site functions so much better than previously. It takes real talent to do both of those things well."

How do you think this update will impact your business?

"The design already has impacted our business in very positive ways. We receive regular feedback from existing customers that the new design is far more appealing than the old one, and new customers praise the ease of navigation and finding what they need. These aspects of the design enhance our brand reputation, which is invaluable."

Did we successfully accomplish your design goals? What was your favorite part about working together?

"Oh, we far exceeded my design goals! My favorite part of working together was the creative synergy. And, of course, just Sierra's delightful personality, in general, which made every interaction a joy."



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