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How to Get Inside the Mind of Your Ideal Client to Craft a Winning Marketing Strategy

How to Get Inside the Mind of Your Ideal Client to Craft a Winning Marketing Strategy with Sierra Lin Design

This may seem like a no-brainer, but . . . do you know who your ideal client is?

Defining your ideal client - what makes them tick, their pain and pleasure points, should always be part of your foundation and strategy in all aspects of your business. 

An ideal client is one who recognizes your value, is willing to pay your full fee, and is eager to collaborate with you. They are a client who respects you, communicates effectively, and participates in your process. Who doesn’t want clients like that?? 

Sounds great Sierra, I’m in!

Thought so
😉 Here at Sierra Lin Design, we call these dreamy Ideal clients your “ideal people” and you’ll see me use those terms interchangeably.

Messaging that speaks specifically to your ideal person will help them convert, and ultimately become a paying customer (
whoot whoot!). This type of language encourages your clients to buy, book, or subscribe to your content so that you can continue to nurture them. 


So let’s get clear on two things:

  1. You definitely want to zero in on your ideal client, and part of that is writing content that speaks specifically to them and in doing so, pushes them to convert.
  2. In order to be successful with step 1, you have to fully define who your ideal client is!


How Do I Define My Ideal Client?

I have a super simple (but not easy) strategy to help you define your ideal client and get on the road to creating messaging that converts. 

o get started, you need to be as clear as possible about your business, your goals, who you serve, and how. How do your offers help your ideal client meet their goals and overcome their pain points?

So who do you serve? What type of woman? Do they buy their pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks, or do they make them from scratch at home? Do they struggle with mom guilt because they spend too much time on their online business and not enough time with their kids? Jot down everything you know about your ideal client. Every detail here can help form a winning copy strategy that speaks to your ideal client.

Then, fill in the following prompts from the perspective of your ideal client:

I would pay anything to get rid of ___________.
This is your ideal client’s pain point.

I would pay anything to have ____________.
This is your ideal client’s pleasure point.

If this was easy for you, that’s great! You have a clearly defined audience and you’re ready to craft your copy to address their specific pain and pleasure points. 

If this was challenging, that’s okay too! Ruminate in this challenge and think long and hard about your ideal client’s pain and pleasure points. You need this clarity to write effective, high-converting copy.

Make sure that you answer these prompts with specificity. This is super important! What do I mean by be specific? Here’s a great example. 

Not specific enough:
I would pay anything to feel less overwhelmed.

I would pay anything to get rid of the feeling that once I check something off my to-do list, 5 more things appear and then I get overwhelmed and start reorganizing my pantry shelves for the third time instead of actually tackling any upcoming tasks.

When filling out these prompts, be careful not to generalize. Most of us have an audience that is “overwhelmed” with their business, their life, etc. We have to search for the
why before we waste time throwing all that fun marketing jargon at them because guess what, they’ve heard it all before! Use this strategy when crafting messaging for your clients, even when presenting that initial offer (like I outline in my 3 Steps to Naming Your Offer blog post here.) Speak to your ideal client with specificity to their pain and pleasure points, and you will win them over.

By diving deep into the needs of your client, you can craft marketing copy strategy that speaks to them.

The details matter. If your ideal clientele are women who want to grow their side hustle into a profitable business, you need to understand the
why in order to create the proper messaging that will encourage them to convert. 


For example, your ideal person wants to make more money, yes, but why does she want to make more money?

Is it because she wants to go on more vacations with her husband? 

Or is it because she wants to be able to afford activities for her children without worrying about the cost?

Zeroing in on the
why will help you address your clients in a way that motivates them to seek out your offers and services. 

Are you ready to define your ideal client and craft a winning marketing messaging strategy? Get instant access to the on-demand, 5-day My Marketable Magnetism Challenge by clicking



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