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5 Ways to Unlock Your Personal Brand Magnetism

5 Ways to Unlock Your Personal Brand Magnetism with Sierra Lin Design

Knowing how to unlock your personal brand magnetism to consistently attract and effortlessly convert your ideal clients is one of the first steps to a holistic, winning brand strategy.

Since we’re taking our marketing strategy to the next level with the
Sold-Out Signature Offer Workshop (grab your seat for this life-changing workshop here), I thought I would give you some initial foundational support by summarizing some of my favorite brand magnetism tips for you in a nice, bite-sized blog post. 🙌

Brand Magnetism Secret #1: Vision

Because your brand vision serves as a foundation upon which we'll build the next 4 secrets of Personal brand magnetism, it’s a great place to start.

You’re here because you want to start attracting those dreamy soulmate clients who are eager to pay high ticket prices to work with you, and you want to be known as the go-to, trusted authority in your niche. 

Well, it all starts right here, right now with your brand vision.✨

Your brand vision is the
why behind your brand and business. The answer to the question, “Why did you start your brand and your business in the first place?”

What most heart-centered entrepreneurs miss when it comes to crafting their vision, is that your brand vision must be two-dimensional.

The first piece of your vision is your
outward vision. This is how your brand will positively affect others or your community at large.

While there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to the exact wording of your vision, I'm going to give you some prompts that could be used to craft your outward vision so you can get an idea of how this could sound. 
Now, in these prompts, the term audience identifier is used as a placeholder for how you would describe your ideal person.

For example, your audience identifier might be high-vibe alpha females, or your audience identifier might be single mompreneurs with young children.

Here are your outward vision prompts:

-I help
audience identifier transform their fill-in-the-blank so they can ____________

-I guide audience identifier through fill-in-the-blank so they can ____________

-I'm on a mission to transform the way audience identifier _____________

When you complete these sentences, you will have crafted your outward vision.

Now the second dimension of your brand vision is your
inward visionThis is how your brand will serve you and make your life better. Yes, you do need to be selfish when writing your inward vision (or if you don't like that word, be self-focused). 

In what ways do you wish your brand and your business could make your life better? 
Here are some inward vision prompts to get your ideas flowing. But don't stop here. I want you to dream big! 💭

-I will wake up every day and know ____________

-I will wake up every day and have ____________

-I will wake up every day and do ____________

-I will earn ____________ amount per month or per year doing work that lights me up.

-I will have the freedom to do or say or choose ____________

So…your action item here is to share your brand vision, either your inward or outward vision (or both), with me in the branded Boss Facebook group community (Join this group full of awesomeness here, if you haven’t already). 

Brand Magnetism Secret #2
: Vulnerability

One of my all-time favorite secrets of personal brand magnetism is
vulnerability (in fact, I love it so much that I have an entire blog post dedicated to it here).

Vulnerability is a critical factor when it comes to magnetizing your ideal clients. Your personal brand revolves around you, and one of the best ways to keep and attract your audience's attention is by sharing authentically or being vulnerable.🌈

The key to using your vulnerabilities in marketing is knowing
when and how to be vulnerable to maximize your brand magnetism.

How vulnerable is too vulnerable? Or, am I not being vulnerable enough? 🤔

There are two types of vulnerability: one that attracts (filling vulnerability) and one that repels (draining vulnerability).

You want to focus on attracting your ideal clients, so you need to share the filling type of vulnerability and not the draining type.

Learn more about the two types of vulnerability from my in-depth vulnerability blog post,
Vulnerability in Marketing: Unlocking Your Magnetism.

Now, your action item for today is to map your 4 brand story vulnerabilities. You will infuse these core vulnerabilities into your content repeatedly because each piece resonates with your ideal people and is chocked full of filling vulnerability.


Brand story vulnerability #1: This is your origin story.

This is where you were before learning what you know today.

Brand story vulnerability #2
: This is your turning point. 

What event shift, action, or transformation allowed you to step out of your beginning and into where you are today?

Brand story vulnerability #3
: This is your realization. 

When and how did you realize that you could use this knowledge or experience to help others?

And finally,
brand story vulnerability #4: This is your vision.

This should sound familiar because this is the same as your outward vision from day one of our challenge.

Use these core vulnerabilities in your messaging - your ideal people will not only relate to your authenticity, but they will be more likely to invest in you as a brand.



Brand Magnetism Secret #3: Visuals

Brand visuals are everything from the colors on your website and your brand logos to your brand photo styles and fonts. If you like design, this is the fun part!

Visuals are such a critical element of your personal brand magnetism to master because they are almost always the 1st way in which your audience will interact with your brand. And yes, you've heard it before, but it's important enough to repeat.

People really do judge a book by its cover. If your brand visuals like your web and social assets do not immediately hook the attention of your ideal clients, then you've lost those clients before we can even begin to talk about conversion.

So how do you create brand visuals that attract your ideal clients, hook their attention, and build that trust factor? 

Through consistency, strong magnetic personal brands present cohesive visuals across all the different platforms of their online business. Whether you see them on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or scrolling the pages of their website, the brand visual remains consistent and enticing. You know who's behind the personal brand before you even read a word of messaging because that brand's visuals are consistent.

The number one way to be consistent in your brand visuals without overthinking every single branding decision is by choosing a visual essence. A visual essence is the primary stylistic direction of a personal brand and serves as a unifying filter through which you can make branding decisions.

Do these colors align with my visual essence? If yes, I'll use them. If no, I won't.

Is this Instagram post aligned with my visual essence? If yes, go ahead and hit post. If not, it might be time to rethink that design.

Choosing just one visual essence can be tricky, but don’t fret, I’ll walk you through a whole exercise to help make this process fun and painless.

For our auto audio summary today, let me read you a list of example styles that could each serve as a brand's visual essence. These are in no particular order and are in no way all-encompassing. 

In fact, my brand's visual essence is not even on this list!

Examples of visual essence:

Edgy, empowering, calm, welcoming, luxury, sexy, dramatic, creative, adventurous, hopeful, peaceful, funny, powerful, inspiring, bold, loving, elevated, unapologetic, enlightened, forward thinking, professional, fresh, fun, serious, flirty, caring, formal, daring, cutting edge, sensual, traditional. Modern, dependable, bohemian, artistic, masterful, trustworthy, feminine glam, quirky, chic, laid back expert, sophisticated, energetic, witty, romantic, minimalistic goddess.

What a list, right? Gets your creative juices flowing. 👩‍🎨

Brand Magnetism Secret #4: Voice

Your brand voice includes all the words related to your brand, whether written or spoken. 
Another marketing term for your brand voice is your brand messaging.

Magnetic messaging is messaging that hooks the attention of your ideal person and converts that ideal person into a paying client. 

Important stuff, right? The key to a magnetic brand voice is messaging focused on your ideal person's pain and pleasure points. So, let's define those. 

Your ideal person's pain point is their
deepest unwanted reality as it relates to your offer. 

Your ideal person's pleasure point is their
deepest desire.

To figure out what your dream client’s pain and pleasure points are, check out my in-depth blog post on
How to Get Inside the Mind of Your Ideal Client to Craft a Winning Marketing Strategy.


Brand Magnetism Secret #5: Visibility

Our fifth and final secret of personal brand magnetism is
visibility. This final secret is one you absolutely cannot miss because without it, it doesn’t matter how compelling your vision is, how courageously you share your brand story vulnerabilities, how absolutely stunning and consistent your brand visuals are, or even how perfectly you craft your magnetic voice.

None of that will matter without visibility. 

Why? Because without visibility, your ideal clients will never even get the chance to see or hear or interact with your brand. How can your ideal client buy from you if they don't even know you exist? This is why choosing a single platform of authority is so important.

When you choose a single platform of authority you're choosing one primary location where you will focus your time and your energy when creating magnetic brand content. For many of, this will be a social media platform like Instagram, Facebook, Tick Tock, or LinkedIn.

But it could also be any other place people are finding you, like your podcast, for example.

Your platform of authority should be the platform where you are most comfortable and where your ideal people are already present.

Boom. Simple. 

If you love TikTok but all of your ideal people are hanging out on Instagram, you're going to have a lot of trouble magnetizing your clients once you've chosen your single platform of authority.


To help you remain consistent in your visibility, you are going to make a promise.

This promise is an attainable commitment that you are making to get visible on your platform of authority. 
Now this promise, this commitment, must be specific and it has to be measurable, for example:

“I'm going to post more on Instagram”
is not specific, so a better visibility promise would be:

“I'm going to post content to Instagram stories daily Monday through Friday”

So there you have it. The 5 secrets to personal brand magnetism, in a nutshell.
Vision, Vulnerability, Visuals, Voice, and Visibility.

Ready to take the next step in solidifying your personal brand and magnetizing your ideal people? Grab your seat for my FREE workshop, Sold-Out Signature Offer
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